microphoneNow I’m not going to confess to being hooked on the TV talent shows but I’ve watched a few in passing and I’m convinced there are valuable lessons to be learned in how we market a brand. Have you noticed how often contestants on their first entrance shuffle onto the stage in front of the panel in scruffy clothes, looking dreary and uninspiring…and then they begin to perform and there’s no doubt that they have something to sell…a unique skill that the right audience will buy into. And so the journey begins.

As with the budding stars, a business may well have a great product or service but unless it reaches out and connects with its fan base, the target audience, the message is going to fall flat. The mentors in a talent contest (the brand developers) know exactly how to transform the contestant’s image to attract loyal followers. Are they appealing to teenagers, tweenies or adults? If we were privy to the demographics and gender of the voters we would no doubt be able to foresee the result from the start.

Emotions play a big part in building any relationship. How many times do we hear the judges in a talent competition tell the contestants that they need to connect with their audience…to show that they believe in what they have to offer? They’re told to ‘make it your own’ and avoid imitation. When you set out to build your brand personality, make sure you understand your target audience inside and out, have an outstanding image that remains constant and hits the right note. You don’t want to lose your fans to a competitor do you?