The day Anna-Marie got her fingers burnt…!

Ok, so we get to do some really strange things at Bussroot! This has to be one of the quirkier ones! 

We were asked to come up with a presentation brochure with a difference. What a brave thing to ask a design team I say… and oh so wonderfully liberating for us! So we got our thinking-caps on and came up with a beautiful brochure that was printed on Colourplan with a Morocco emboss in two tone, ecru and green. The pièce de résistance was a bespoke wax seal that sealed the brochure closed. The client was open to the idea and let us play.

After getting the customised seal made overnight and delivered the next day, Anna-Marie set about the task at hand. We had two colours of wax, a traditional black sealing wax and a modern pearlised light green, the black wax was the first to be tested. After drawing around the seal with a pencil on to greaseproof paper (we didn’t have enough time to seal the finished printed brochures, so had to supply the wax seals separately to be stuck on before they were flying to Sweden), the wick on the sealing wax was lit and very quickly it started to drip. This was a rather tricky process as the flame had to be held at exactly the right angle, not too deep as the flame would burn the wax to quickly and burn, too small an angle and it would drip to slowly and dry too quickly! Once a even (well as even as you can with dripping wax) circle was made Anna-Marie had to work very quickly with a cool and slightly oiled seal to press down, not too firmly but not too soft onto the wax to make the perfect impression. She was quick to find out that if you didn’t leave it long enough you pulled up all of the wax, leaving it on to long and it stuck fast not to be removed without breaking the fragile seal.

After some very burnt fingers and a few disaster-darlings she soon had it off to a fine art, perfecting the seals in both colours ready and boxed to go onto the brochures.

Just another creative day in the Bussroot office!

For a more detailed Case Study of the finished brochure go take a look at our portfolio >>