Marketing vision

When you’re on the starting blocks ready to kick-start your marketing strategy, do you have a clear idea of where you’re going and which elements of marketing you should take along with you for the journey, or will you just take a stab in the dark and hope for the best?

Effective marketing calls for a careful selection of tactics, with a clear idea of identity from day one. Building from scratch with blank-page marketing enables you to deliver your company vision to a target market with a strong brand message and no dilution of communication. How will you demonstrate your passion about your product or service and outshine the competition? Think ‘marketing’ and people generally think ‘big budget’, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Marketing campaigns can grow organically, gradually improving brand visibility in line with return on investment. What does your sales revenue need to equate to in order to cover the cost of effective advertising? It may not be as high a figure as you think.

Most would agree that for the majority of businesses a website is crucial from the outset, with all branding running seamlessly with this. Please though, not one of those bland template ‘one size fits all’ sites! You know the ones, with an image of a girl holding a telephone, a suited businessman carrying a briefcase or a guy with a spanner in his hand. We came across a company who passed off the group on the website as their sales team, naming each one individually. Which was fine until the same group surfaced as models on an online photo stock library, shattering the illusion of personal attention and trust! It’s not worth the risk is it? We often work co-creatively with a professional photographer for websites and brochures, enabling the client’s identity and corporate image to shine through. Regular blogs increase curiosity, cost nothing and encourage returning traffic to the website, sharing comments and opinions, ensuring it isn’t simply a ‘one stop shop’. A website should show your individuality. However, marketing doesn’t begin and end with a stunning website. Never miss the opportunity to increase brand visibility. Something as simple as business cards or logo’d promotional items which will stand out from the competition with eye-catching designs, are invaluable but relatively low-cost marketing tools.

Ultimately, your aim is to motivate your customers into action, to persuade them to pick up the telephone and talk to you, visit your shop or office, or test drive a product. People are looking for benefits and for a reason to choose you ahead of competitors. Is your marketing strategy heading in the right direction or do you need a creative sat.nav to get you back on track?