Happy Cat, Fit Dog

There are some days when I absolutely love my job! Today was one of them! I had the delightful task of coming up with a website idea for a pet grooming/pet services company. Now for those of you that know me, I love animals and especially fluffy ones at that. So spending an afternoon playing around with Photoshop to make sad cats happy and unhappy dogs peppy, it really did put a smile on my face.

The concept was to show owners how the small things like interaction with other pets, regular exercise and a grooming session makes a big difference to an animals wellbeing. We feel better for a trip to the hairdressers, having a facial or going on that regular run or dance class, and by using the animals in a humanistic way, conveys this message.

I used Photoshop’s Liquify to get the results of the upturned mouth and raised eyebrows and made sure that it was a subtle change to steer away from it looking too comical.

Click the images below to view the animation.

happycatsml fitdogsml

I definitely had to hold back on the awe’s and ahh’s whilst doing it!