National Conservation Service Business Cards

Card Envy!

When first impressions count so much, how do you feel when you hand over your business card?

Is it tactile, colourful, tells a story, thicker than most, a different shape, unusual material… Is it memorable?

We love our business cards and have always spent a long time in trying to make them stand out and be remembered. We feel proud to reach into our pockets and hand a card over to see what reaction we get. We also have a collection of business cards that we keep in our “card envy” pile.

Being in the creative industries we are lucky and able to be extremely creative and different when it comes to our marketing, however when creating a design for our clients it doesn’t mean we have to hold back on making it noticeable and reflect an essence of what it is the company specialises in.

We have just created a new corporate identity for the National Conservation Service and one of the first items of marketing they wanted was a business card. To give you a brief overview of the company, NCS provides support and expertise in the conservation and care of parchment, paper objects, books, manuscripts and seals for museums, libraries, archives, businesses and private collections. It was only natural that the paper the cards were printed on had to be tactile and have a beautiful quality to them. The paper stock used was Colorplan duplex, mid green/natural. We used a gold foil to the dark green side and a subtle deboss to the winter-white reverse. The results correlate well with the activities of the organisation and enhance their brand – we’ve also had some very nice feedback on comments when they have handed them out. For more images of the card please go to our “branding” Portfolio>

So the next time your business card reserve is getting low why not try something different? It doesn’t need to break the bank and with a little bit of thought you can get some amazing results.

For a little bit of fantasy fun, if you could have any business card you wanted not having to worry about the price, what would it be like? Would it be able to talk, show a movie, smell of something, what colour, made out of what material, how would it amaze others?