Bussroot has a new website

Yes don’t fall off the back of your chair or spit out your tea… we can’t believe it’s actually happened either! Not that it’s been a particularly hard job… (well trying to let go of the perfectionism brush as been a bit of a struggle) but trying to fit in doing something for yourself when you’ve got so many other jobs on the go is a tricky thing.

So where did our inspiration stem from…? We knew what we didn’t want – a cookie cutter style site of coloured squares and template tints. It had to represent our style and personality, hints of cheek and playfulness, whilst showing our company values and of course our skills and recent work projects.

The inspiration for the etched illustrations on the front page came from Anna-Marie’s art class where she was playing with printing techniques and fell in love with the style. The intricate backgrounds were hand drawn by Tom who was inspired by Japanese prints with a modern twist. We didn’t want to lose the movement that we had in the last site and so using java script we were able to use it throughout the site whilst being seen on different platforms.

Totally carried away with the theme of the site “expect the unexpected” we are now bursting with new ideas of adding to it and updating it, so watch this space… work permitting that is…!

We do hope you like our new site and if you have any requests for new drawings to be added to our backgrounds, then fill your boots and get a mention in our next blog update.


Of course if you want us to do anything like this for you… we’re Bussroot!