Brewing your brand

Venturing through a train shed with the aroma of diesel oil and malt Tom found himself up close and personal to Kissingate and a cheeky Black Cherry Mild! At the end of the evening was he left flat on his back staring at the stars or was there something else etched on his mind…

As a favourite pastime Tom decided to pay a visit to the Tunbridge Wells Spa Railway Beer Festival this weekend and had the pleasure of drinking with a Caveman (which left him feeling a little bit Palaeolithic himself), and milking out over a third of a pint from the Old Dairy Brewery. He was left impressed, and merry, by the great selection Kent and its surrounding area has to offer.

Since this little jaunt a thought ran through his mind as to how important the label on the beer was to the decision making process. Was it a case that a first time a punter would experience a beer through brand before the taste? Thus make a decision based purely on a visual experience (if they were still functioning cognitively so to speak)!

In fact he realised that this was one of the criteria in his selection process. It was the feeling that he got from the label and the subject matter that made him choose one over the other. The quality of the label was also a major contender in this process. Now we know that Tom is a nerdy designer and that he eats, sleeps, breathes design, however… what if this was the case for many others?

So what is it about a label that sways our decision? Is it the colours, the textures, the typeface or the subject matter? Tom concluded that it was a mixture of all of these, however it was down to knowing your target market and how you can hold their attention and herald your product as the most scintillating refreshing offer you can muster that was key.

After his 8th, third of a pint it materialised that he was glad that all the labels weren’t to his taste and others needed some improvement!

So how do you choose your beer or wine in your local pub/supermarket when you don’t know anything about it? Our Tom would love to know…